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August 2016 St. Paul Island DXPedition

CY9C – Day 2

To quote Robbie Burns, “The best laid schemes of mice and men….” Well I made it, I’m on the North East Point with all my gear. I’ve been back to the Atlantic Cove site today and, despite all the gear we brought, we can’t get either a stable connection between both DXPedition sites via UHF,… Read more »

CY9C Update

Good morning from Dingwall, Nova Scotia. I arrived at The Markland Resort at 6:30PM on Wednesday, August 17th after having stopped in Ingonish, NS (30KM south of Dingwall) to fill 50 gas cans with 1250L of 91 octane gas. The locals looked at the 50 gas cans on the ground and then gave me slightly… Read more »

CY9C – Get Ready, Get Set….

U-Haul trailer is hitched, packed and locked, truck is full of gas, and I’m ready to go. Most of the team is already en route to Dingwall, NS. I leave tomorrow (August 16, 2016) at ~5:30AM EDT. I expect to arrive in Fredericton, NB by 10:45PM ADT, and then will drive to Dingwall, NS the… Read more »

CY9C Network Planning

So, in a little under 4 months, I’ll be on St. Paul Island – a little island just north of Cape Breton. I’ll be part of a team of operators activating the island for a DXPedition. We’ve secured our insurance, our permit and our callsign: CY9C. We will be operating from 2 different sites on… Read more »

CY9 DXPedition – I’m Going :)

I am one of (currently) 8 operators planning to go to St. Paul Island, for the period of August 19-29, 2016. Details can be found on the website, and updates will be posted to the Facebook page. The prefix is CY9, and at the time of posting, is 62/340 on the Most Wanted DXCC list.… Read more »