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Bad Interference & Good Neighbours

Most of my posts here over the past year or so have been more event-related than topical, so I thought I’d share an experience that I know most of us (Amateur Radio operators) have had: Finding the source of harmful interference to your HF receiver. I haven’t had much of a chance to spend in… Read more »

CY9C Network Planning

So, in a little under 4 months, I’ll be on St. Paul Island – a little island just north of Cape Breton. I’ll be part of a team of operators activating the island for a DXPedition. We’ve secured our insurance, our permit and our callsign: CY9C. We will be operating from 2 different sites on… Read more »

Digital Audio Combiner

It’s funny how many little boxes and weird circuits end up on my desk whenever I start on a new project. I built my dedicated ALE station a couple of weeks ago. The core components are a Kenwood TS-480HX and a Signalink SL-USB to send/receive audio from the transceiver. A couple of problems: Like almost… Read more »