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Radio Amateurs of Canada

An Answer to the Question: “Why Should I Join RAC?”

Disclaimer: At time of writing, I am a member of the Board of Directors for Radio Amateurs of/du Canada. However, this article reflects my own personal views and not those of the organization. As I write this, I’ve just been re-elected to the Board of Directors for Radio Amateurs of/du Canada. I’m glad to be… Read more »

I’m Running for RAC Ontario-South Director (Take 2)

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is governed by seven regional Directors, which comprise the Board. The term of office is two years, with a three term limit, and elections are staggered so that about half the board remains during any potential transition of office. The deadline for nominations for Ontario-South Director for the upcoming 2018-2020… Read more »

CY9C – Day 11, Farewell to Nova Scotia

You’ll have to forgive me, but this article is going to be a little more verbose than the others I’ve posted – Blogger’s Privilege 😉 The remaining members of the Atlantic Cove team are arriving by boat early this afternoon with the remainder of the equipment for loading and transport home. I’m waiting for them… Read more »

Ontario Distracted Driving Legislation and Amateur Radio

Below is a letter I sent out to every RAC affiliated club in Ontario, as well as to the 4 Ontario Section Managers. Amateur Radio Operators in Ontario are currently exempt from the distracted driving elements of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, but that exemption is due to expire on January 1, 2018. As the… Read more »

VA3QR – Director for Ontario South, Radio Amateurs of/du Canada

Geoff Baldwin, VE4BAW, President of RAC called me on Sept. 3 to inform me that I’d won the recent directorial election and had been made a member of the board of directors of RAC. Naturally, I’m happy to have won, and I look forward to taking a more active role in the governance of an organization… Read more »