by | 2014-10-30

One of the things we do as Amateur Radio operators is participate in “nets.” A net is a group of operators who are guided by a Net Controller, and are given a chance, in turn, to communicate/pass traffic to all others on that frequency at any given time. In a formal setting, such as a net convened for a volunteer event, the net would be used to pass messages through the Net Controller to other people on that frequency. During an emergency situation, the Net Controller would be responsible for determining where certain messages go, at what times, etc..


Those are formal nets. There are also informal ones. The one that I have the most fun with is the ONTARS Net. ONTARS stands for the ONTario Amateur Radio Service, and it runs from 7AM to 6PM ET 7 days a week, and the Net Controller changes every hour. I’ve just gotten back into taking up a Net Controller spot every once in a while. The purpose of the net is to ensure that there is someone listening on 3.755MHz LSB during those hours. We all hang around there to talk and listen to others on frequency. But imagine if there WAS an emergency, and you were limited to HF and didn’t have access to a phone. I’m sure you could cruise around the dial and find someone, but it’s nice to know where to tune to to hear a familiar voice.

Thanks to Barry, VE3ISX for maintaining this great service for the regional Amateur community.

73 for now de VA3QR