ISS School Contact

by | 2019-12-05

So after CY9C, I decided I had to get back into satellite work. I’ll write an article on that later on, but one of the awesome things about being satellite-capable is that you can listen to (and if you’re lucky enough, talk to) the International Space Station. Today, Council Rock High School in Holland, PA had a scheduled contact with the ISS, and I decided to eavesdrop on the event. Below is the audio captured on my Flex 5000A. Keep in mind you’ll only hear one side of the conversation, and there will be white noise (static) between the astronaut’s answers (before I turned the squelch on):

Captured Audio from ISS – 2019-12-05 @ 1756z

I took a quick video on my iPhone of my desk and setup while the astronaut was answering a question – see below:

Video from my desk during the ISS pass.

I’ll post more on my adventures in satellite soon!

vy 73 de VA3QR (EN93xp)

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