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About VA3QR

Obtained Basic (Canada) license on March 21, 1994. Received 5WPM Morse Code endorsement in the summer of 2003. Obtained my Advanced in the winter of 2014. Active on all Amateur bands between 160m - 70cm (excl. 1.25m), all modes. Primary rig is a Flex 5000A with ATU, RX2 and VHF/UHF module. Mobile rigs include Kenwood TM-D710A, and TM-480SAT. Antennas include Cushcraft MA-5B, Cushcraft A6270-13S, Hustler 6-BTV (with all 3 DX Engineering mods), 2 x Comet CX-333, Custom-Made Random Wire (tunes 160m - 10m), and MFJ Active Receive Antenna. I host the VE3PAQ Repeaters on 1.25m and 70cm, the VE3YAP APRS Digipeater, and the APRS2 Tier 2 network node for Ontario.

CY9C II – Day 5

Good evening from the Graveyard of the Gulf. All 4 HF stations are humming happily. Lee, WW2DX is working 2m and 6m EME simultaneously, and today (finally) finished building the Satellite station, complete with auto-tracking radio and rotator. We’ve done 4 satellite QSOs so far, but that was just to get the rest of the… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 4

It’s been a beautiful Saturday on St. Paul Island – sunny, nice breeze, no precipitation and the winds aren’t high enough to prevent Pat, N2IEN from being able to fly. Pat and I have been having problems getting AMSAT up and running. We setup the portable rotor he brought with him but the controller is… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 3

So what a busy day it’s been. Murray, WA4DAN got the monster of a mono-bander 20m beam built today, and it’s placed in such a way that it hits EU and OC perfectly, so we’ve dedicated a station to it. Already worked plenty of VK, ZL and JA. With the 20m beam, we didn’t need… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 2

Good afternoon! It’s another beautiful day on St. Paul Island. The day started out with a great deal of fog, and it took until nearly noon to burn off. It is a pretty stunning thing to see first thing when you get out of your tent. That said, Pat, N2IEN can’t fly in fog –… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 1

Sorry this took so long to post everyone – it’s been a very long day, but we’re here and we’re operating! Day started at about 7:10AM ADT getting Connor out of bed and getting showered and packed up – cleaning up our AirBnB and getting to the Markland for one last breakfast. We then met… Read more »