CY9C II – Parked in Dingwall, NS

Well we made it. Connor and I left Acton, ON at 7:40AM EDT on Sunday morning (July 28th), and made it to our AirBnB in Dingwall, NS at 6:30PM ADT on Monday evening (July 29th). I spent a great deal of time HF mobile on this trip, and it was a lot of fun. I… Read more »

CY9C Take 2 – Here we go again!

Well, we’re doing it again! Most of the operators of CY9C in 2016 are embarking on another trip to St. Paul Island in less than a couple of weeks. We plan to be QRV from July 31 through August 8 from 160m-6m, SSB, CW and Digital, along with EME and AMSAT. We’ll be operating from… Read more »

An Answer to the Question: “Why Should I Join RAC?”

Disclaimer: At time of writing, I am a member of the Board of Directors for Radio Amateurs of/du Canada. However, this article reflects my own personal views and not those of the organization. As I write this, I’ve just been re-elected to the Board of Directors for Radio Amateurs of/du Canada. I’m glad to be… Read more »

I’m Running for RAC Ontario-South Director (Take 2)

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is governed by seven regional Directors, which comprise the Board. The term of office is two years, with a three term limit, and elections are staggered so that about half the board remains during any potential transition of office. The deadline for nominations for Ontario-South Director for the upcoming 2018-2020… Read more »

Bad Interference & Good Neighbours

Most of my posts here over the past year or so have been more event-related than topical, so I thought I’d share an experience that I know most of us (Amateur Radio operators) have had: Finding the source of harmful interference to your HF receiver. I haven’t had much of a chance to spend in… Read more »