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CY9C II – Day 4

It’s been a beautiful Saturday on St. Paul Island – sunny, nice breeze, no precipitation and the winds aren’t high enough to prevent Pat, N2IEN from being able to fly. Pat and I have been having problems getting AMSAT up and running. We setup the portable rotor he brought with him but the controller is… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 2

Good afternoon! It’s another beautiful day on St. Paul Island. The day started out with a great deal of fog, and it took until nearly noon to burn off. It is a pretty stunning thing to see first thing when you get out of your tent. That said, Pat, N2IEN can’t fly in fog –… Read more »

CY9C II – Day 1

Sorry this took so long to post everyone – it’s been a very long day, but we’re here and we’re operating! Day started at about 7:10AM ADT getting Connor out of bed and getting showered and packed up – cleaning up our AirBnB and getting to the Markland for one last breakfast. We then met… Read more »

CY9C II – Parked in Dingwall, NS

Well we made it. Connor and I left Acton, ON at 7:40AM EDT on Sunday morning (July 28th), and made it to our AirBnB in Dingwall, NS at 6:30PM ADT on Monday evening (July 29th). I spent a great deal of time HF mobile on this trip, and it was a lot of fun. I… Read more »

CY9C Take 2 – Here we go again!

Well, we’re doing it again! Most of the operators of CY9C in 2016 are embarking on another trip to St. Paul Island in less than a couple of weeks. We plan to be QRV from July 31 through August 8 from 160m-6m, SSB, CW and Digital, along with EME and AMSAT. We’ll be operating from… Read more »