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Review: Heros CAT Controlled SCR-Preselector

I stumbled upon this little toy last year when I installed the latest version of PowerSDR and saw that a menu called “Heros” had suddenly appeared. I started to do some digging and was eventually led to the Heros Technology website where I was introduced to the Heros SCR-Preselector. The idea of a preselector isn’t… Read more »

Live Streaming from my Radio

For those people who keep asking me “Phil, what do you actually talk to people about on the radio?” and  for all of those HAMs who want to check propagation based on what I can hear from my station, I have added a live stream from my Flex 5000A transceiver to my blog.  Just click… Read more »

PowerSDR Band Text for RAC Band Plan, IARU Region 2

So, I love my Flex Radio 5000A. I love PowerSDR, and I love everything about operating a software defined radio. However, it always bugged me that the PowerSDR software comes with the US band plans loaded, because there is a BIG difference between their plans and the rest of IARU Region 2, much less ours… Read more »