CY9C – Day 3, Logs Found

by | 2016-08-21

Day 3 on the North East Point and the weather is windy, but sunny and warm as well. We’re all having fun and making as many contacts as we can. Lee, WW2DX, made several EME contacts during the overnight period, and they’re busy setting up the LEO Satellite array right now.

Our scheduled call with Atlantic Cove is coming up soon, and we’ll be going over to grab a few supplies, drop off some empties and pickup their logs as to make a dump to ClubLog sometime today.

Speaking of logs, THE MISSING CONTACTS HAVE BEEN FOUND. During all the hub-bub during the initial setup of the site, one of the laptops that was being used for logging before we established the N1MM+ network on the North East Point was swapped out. We found the log and have pushed the approx. 2400 QSOs to ClubLog, so if you were missing in the log, please go back and see if you’re there now.

That’s all for now. More tomorrow. vy 73 de VA3QR/CY9.

14 thoughts on “CY9C – Day 3, Logs Found

  1. Jim NU0C

    Thank you for finding the missing log! My ATNO and second QSOs have been rescued!

  2. Lee K2HAT

    Q: Why do my QSOs not match?
    A: This could be because you have not provided ALL the correct QSO details (Time is in UTC)!

    I logged my QSO 10 seconds after it was over.

    2016-08-19 00:25:00 20m SSB
    73 K2HAT

  3. VA3QR Post author

    It looks like the time/date were wrong and changed before I got a hold of it. There may be some discrepancies, but they are not the majority. I’m working as hard as I can to fix them.

  4. Dave G0VTU

    Glad the missing log was found…I’m now in it…ATNO for me also..good DX guys 73

  5. Luís, CT4NH

    Thanks!All my QSOs, so far, now on Club Log. Good job. 73 de CT4NH

  6. Greg WA3GM

    5 qso’s still missing 30, 17, 20 on 8/20 and 40 m on 8/21.
    Any thoughts???? 73 de WA3GM

  7. Ariel Jacala

    Clublog dates are still only up to 15:52 on 0820216

  8. VA3QR Post author

    Working on a small CLubLog problem then will upload, and will post full update. Bad weather coming in, need to do some other stuff first.

  9. VA3QR Post author

    Will post all the logs as we have them today at some point to cover the period ending Aug 21 approx. 1400z, then post more as we get them from the other side. Bad weather coming in, EME gear wrecked by gale force winds last night. Stand by for update later on today. For now, gotta batten down the hatches.

  10. Greg WA3GM

    RRR Thanks….. Most of all be careful de WA3GM

  11. Chetz

    Hello Phil

    on 21st Aug, Sunday I heard CY9C on 7023 cw between 11:00 – 12:00 utc. You guys were quite strong but qsb to this part of the world. Requesting to look out for VU during this time on 40m or else during the greyline on 20m at 01:00 UTC . Hope to get an ATNO. Have a Safe Journey.

    73, Chetz VU3DMP

  12. VU2CDP

    Signals to zone 22 (VU) have been very, very weak. Hope condx improve and you guys can devote more time to 20 cw later in the week. Many here need CY9 for an ATNO.

    73 es stay safe!

  13. VE7JH

    My QSOs are in there too now. Great job! Hope the WX will be OK for you guys.

  14. Greg WA3GM

    Tnx Phil
    Q’s are now there. Thanks and be safe 73 DE WA3GM

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