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CY9C – Day 5, There’s a Mighty Wind a-Blowin’

Isn’t it great when you wake up to something hitting you in the head? At about 5:30AM, one of my tent poles snapped and the whole thing came down under the sustained 40kph winds coming from the west. As well, Lee, WW2DX lost his tent, as well as his operating table. He managed to catch… Read more »

CY9C – Day 4, Logs *Fixed*

Well, it’s another day here on St. Paul Island, next to the lighthouse, and I think I’ve solved the last logging issue (or at least it’s the last one I’m able to fix). One of the laptops used to get on the air at the NE point when we first landed had a time zone… Read more »

CY9C – Day 3, Logs Found

Day 3 on the North East Point and the weather is windy, but sunny and warm as well. We’re all having fun and making as many contacts as we can. Lee, WW2DX, made several EME contacts during the overnight period, and they’re busy setting up the LEO Satellite array right now. Our scheduled call with… Read more »

CY9C – Day 2

To quote Robbie Burns, “The best laid schemes of mice and men….” Well I made it, I’m on the North East Point with all my gear. I’ve been back to the Atlantic Cove site today and, despite all the gear we brought, we can’t get either a stable connection between both DXPedition sites via UHF,… Read more »

CY9C Update

Good morning from Dingwall, Nova Scotia. I arrived at The Markland Resort at 6:30PM on Wednesday, August 17th after having stopped in Ingonish, NS (30KM south of Dingwall) to fill 50 gas cans with 1250L of 91 octane gas. The locals looked at the 50 gas cans on the ground and then gave me slightly… Read more »