CY9C – Day 5, There’s a Mighty Wind a-Blowin’

by | 2016-08-23

VA3QR/CY9's *Former* TentIsn’t it great when you wake up to something hitting you in the head? At about 5:30AM, one of my tent poles snapped and the whole thing came down under the sustained 40kph winds coming from the west. As well, Lee, WW2DX lost his tent, as well as his operating table. He managed to catch his amp and radio before they hit the ground. Luckily, we had 2 spare tents, so Lee is setup inside one of the building, and I set myself up on the opposite side of the helipad we’re using as a tent base, using it as a bit of a wind break. The forecast has the winds dying down starting this afternoon, then the rest of the week looks great. I’ve attached a couple of videos to show you what we’ve been dealing with. In the videos, it’s sunny out. 10 minutes later while me and Ray, W2RE were moving the 6m beam, a cloud passed us and soaked us. It didn’t rain, it didn’t pass over us, it passed THROUGH us. That’s what you get out here in the North Atlantic.

The Remainder of WW2DX's TentPat, N2IEN made a bee-line for Atlantic Cove to get much needed fuel for the generators and was almost unable to make it back due to a fast moving fog system. But we’re all gassed up now. We’ve put 2 stations on the air, we’re getting the 3rd setup in Lee’s tent now, and if things hold up, we’ll setup the 4th today or tomorrow. That’s in addition to the 4 running in Atlantic Cove. As well, once the weather clears up, Pat will be able to do a log-run to Atlantic Cove and I’ll do another dump to ClubLog. As well, to answer those who’ve been asking, we’re going to try to run on the low bands overnight from the North East Point. It’s been impossible due to weather and fuel concerns at this point, but we’re hoping to get a couple of operators on 80m and 160m starting around 24 Aug 0400z. There might even be some RTTY – stay tuned.

VA3QR's Operating PositionFor now, I need to get some dry clothes and make sure everything stayed dry during that cloud pass. Down below are a couple of videos I took. I’m also going to push them to my Twitter Feed for those following me. Hope to hear you down the log. vy 73 de VA3QR/CY9C.

21 thoughts on “CY9C – Day 5, There’s a Mighty Wind a-Blowin’

  1. bob donnelly

    thanks for the q’s your signals are good in new Hampshire>>>>>>>>>>>be safe. n1kjw bob.

  2. LA8AW - Odd-Egil

    Really appreciate all the work you guys do to keep Cy9C on the air.

    Thanks you very much for solving the Logging issue at day 1 – you made a lot of people happy – me included – as CY9 is a ATNO – #326 – thanks.

    73 de LA8AW – Odd-Egil

  3. Jose Cornieles

    It is commendable the efforts in this DXpedition. Thank you very much.

    We are following all the events.

    73, YV5COR – Jose

  4. VE2EVN

    Keep up the great work guys. CY9 was an atno for me, so very happy. I’m just waiting for the upload to confirm. I’m sad you also have to deal with DQRM from less civilized amateurs. Don’t let them get to ya. You’re all doing a great job!
    73 de VE2EVN

    Ps. You didn’t have a HamQTH page, so I created one and have been updating it for you guys. Contact me if you want to admin.

  5. Gabi

    Boys, you do a very good job, tnx to all

  6. Jonathan W6GX

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work you. The pictures and videos tell the story! I wish the team best of luck and safe travels.

  7. KL7TS

    Thanks for all the hard work keeping CY9C on the air!

    Observation: Today 2016.08.23 at 2000 – 2100 UTC the DX Summit “spots” are saying things like “his TX frequency is moving around ” and “he sez UP but works simplex”.

    This sometimes happens when DXpeditions use K3’s.

    When working split, the DXpedition operator needs to turn the BIG VFO (VFO A) to find the stations calling his pileup. The little VFO (VFO B) stays put, is NOT turned, and should even be “locked”.

    This is the “opposite” of what we typically do at home, when using a K3 to hunt a DX pileup.

    Thanks very much,

    TJ Sheffield, KL7TS
    Anchorage, Alaska

  8. Uli DM5EE

    Great job under less than ideal conditions, both weather-wise and propagation-wise. Hope to catch you on the low bands but please stick to CW on 80 and 160!

  9. Dean Zang Sr

    KA3YJM! MANY thanks for QSO and likely new country~! LOVE the VIDEO on the site & BLOG! GO guys!

  10. BOB


  11. W9KK

    Please try 12 meters. Tnx for the many contacts…

  12. charles p talley

    thanks for all time new one kj4kvc tn
    also for ws4dx tn 73 chuck

  13. Wolf

    Expeditton for North America only. Why?

  14. Bill

    I am not familiar with amateur radio or the technical expertise involved in your craft, but I am following your journey with great interest. St. Paul Island is a remarkable location. Your updates are much appreciated. Good luck!

  15. VA3QR Post author

    We are keeping an eye on 12m and 10m, but a G1 storm started last night, and it’s going to G2 today, so I’m not holding my breath. Still, we’ll keep trying and see if we find a window. VA3QR/CY9.

  16. VA3QR Post author

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I probably worked 100 DL in 2 hours yesterday. I listen for everyone. Keep in mind that there is a G1 storm going on, and it’s going to G2 today as far as the forecast goes. We do our best. VA3QR/CY9.

  17. Richard Slusher

    You guys were absolutely booming into north Texas on 20m yesterday afternoon. Apparently the propagation gods were smiling on you. Stay safe out there!

  18. Chip

    Having spent a week there (That was the DXpedition where Krassy fell off the tower and I almost drowned rowing out to the boat in heavy seas with just a 2×4 as a oar) I can identify. It’s a remote and inhospitable place for sure. Thanks for the QSO today on 12M- gives me a “clean sweep” now for CY 160-2M.
    Keep up the great work and stay safe. de w1aim/VE9AIM

  19. Thomas Black

    I’m glad I found this page. I loved the video I was able to show them to someone thinking about getting their ticket. I to make a donation on your other page but it wouldn’t go through. I’ll try again when I order my QSL card. Best of luck to you guys and stay safe.
    73, K9ASE

  20. Mike - VE3YF

    Phil, with upper band conditions being so good today, any chance to free up a station to work strictly RTTY.

  21. VA3QR Post author

    We blew up the front ends on 2 of the K3S’ so we’re limited on what stations can work RTTY. I’m going to try to rig my station up and see if I can run it tomorrow. We’ll do our best 🙂

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