CY9C – Day 7, RTTY Logs Fixed, Active on LEO Birds

by | 2016-08-25

N2IEN's LEO Satellite AntennasIt’s another beautiful day on the North East Point of St. Paul Island. Band conditions aren’t great, but the weather is getting better by the day. By the time we have to disembark, the winds should be almost still, which will make the trip home a lot easier (and safer). We’ve already started to offload garbage and miscellaneous gear that we either didn’t use or that isn’t working to ensure the lightest possible load for the trip home. This will also let us keep a station going as long as possible. We’re trying for every last QSO.

We setup Pat, N2IEN’s satellite gear last night and he’s already made several QSOs on several LEO passes. We’ll keep working as many as we can and give as many of you FN97 as possible.

Dinner from N2IENAs well, Pat brought us a surprise dinner from the mainland, courtesy of his aircraft mechanic, Barry – who has been instrumental in keeping us safe and supplied. We really can’t thank him enough for all he’s done.

The Atlantic Cove site popped a K3S last night. That makes 3 so far. We sent them an IC-7000 that Pat had to get them up to 4 stations again. As well, they sent us their current logs and I’ve integrated them and sent them to ClubLog.

On the topic of logs, for those with RTTY contacts that are an hour off of your personal logs, one of the RTTY laptops was set to UTC – 4 with NO Daylight Savings Time. We found the problem, and we’ve fixed the logs. If you check ClubLog now, your times should match. If there are further issues, they’ll have to be dealt with by the CY9C QSL manager after the event.

VA3QR's Camping Coffee SolutionFurther on the topic of RTTY, I am going to wake up AA4NC tomorrow morning 26 Aug around 0830z and get him working RTTY starting on 30m starting about 0900z, moving up bands as the morning continues.

I set my alarm for 0030z this morning to get on 80m for Europe and I had it set for AM not PM :S So by the time I got on the air at 0230z, it was pretty much too late. Going to try again tonight – first on the OCF dipole on the lighthouse, then on the big vertical we built on the radials of the old AM broadcast station that was here. I’ll take photos of that later – it’s AWESOME on 160m.

One of the reasons I wanted to work a DXPedition is so that I could be on the other side of an SSB/Phone pileup, and I must say I haven’t been disappointed. Now that I’ve got all my logistics/administrative stuff out of the way, I’m going to go hit the bands. Until tomorrow, vy 73 de VA3QR/CY9.

16 thoughts on “CY9C – Day 7, RTTY Logs Fixed, Active on LEO Birds

  1. VE2EVN

    I like these reports. We get to see what it’s like on “the other side” as well. Please take a few more videos if you can, maybe some the Atlantic Cove site if you can.

    Just one note to pass along on RTTY.. The stations running today are on JT65 range of frequencies (18102-105, 10138-141), so they’re getting QRMd by that.
    I was ok on 30m RTTY, but it seems to affect Europe more. Just thought you should know.

    73 de VE2EVN

  2. HA6NQ / Sanyi

    Hello guys any possibility to try again on 2m EME ???

  3. KL7TS

    Speaking of RTTY, your station spotted on 18102 is being called by Pacific (specifically ZL1AI) at 2000z. Best chance is Long Path but may only be open for one hour.

    Thanks very much,

    TJ Sheffield, KL7TS
    Anchorage, Alaska

  4. VA3QR Post author

    I’m sorry, but the EME array and the rotator were destroyed on our second night by gale force winds.

  5. David Minster

    Is it possible to get Pat to give an idea of which satellites and passes he will be on? That would be a huge help! Thanks!

    David, NA2AA

  6. VA3QR Post author

    It’s Lee doing the passes right now, but I think he’s going for almost all of them. I’ll see if they can post a schedule.

  7. Gary Smith

    Having fun working CY9C. Hope you can get in some more 6M time, I didn’t have much luck using my 160 ant on 6 so added three 6M elements to my tribander today (Thursday), have them now working FB & hope to hear & work you on 6. Either way, have fun, thanks
    Gary KA1J

  8. Sigi REINHOLD

    Hello, you did a wonderfull job all days, thanks for all QSOs, especially 160m cw. On day 5 we heard you for almost half an hour on 12m CW – could you please try again 12m cw today between 19z and 21z, the only possible time for central Europe, 73 de Sigi, DL6QW



    73 ES DX,


  10. Max Donoghue

    Having a great time working you guys. Not having much luck on 15m but that’s the joy. Can only imagine what it’s like to be on that end of things. Keep up the great work, de VE3TMT

  11. Brad Fox

    Exemplary operation. Tks, 73!

  12. Mike

    Super job guys, and thanks so much for the effort. B 4 U go, can you do more 160 meters and 60 meters please. Thanks !!! Mike W2GEZ

  13. Bob

    Please ask the 160m op to try the band later in the evening. Sunset here in Arizona is 02:10z and the band improves all night long – especially after 07:00z until your sunrise.

  14. David-VK3EW

    Fantastic Job guys, can I ask please, can we have some rtty beamed at vk and zl from around 0900z for a hour or so on 30mx as you are BADLY NEEDED on rtty in this area of the world.
    Once again Thank you

    73 David VK3EW

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