CY9C – Day 9, Leaving Early :(

by | 2016-08-27

St. Paul Lighthouse and Lightman's HouseI experienced one of the most beautiful and most intense thunderstorms of my entire life last night. Once we realized a storm was approaching from the west, we disconnected all the feedlines and just watched it for 10 minutes. Lightning was flashing everywhere, and bolts were hitting the water.

And then the rain started and it was like someone was dumping an entire city reservoir on my tent. I stayed dry, Will, AA4NC got a littke damp, but Ray, W2RE’s tent got soaked. His stuff is drying out on the dock.

Despite the storm and the 59+30 crashes, I managed to pull out about 40-50 160m phone contacts out of the noise last night. Ray and I are going to switch off doing 160m CW and phone tonight and see how many more we can get.

Alas, though, the weather forecast for Monday (Aug. 29) is rain all day, which would make tearing down and flying back to the mainland nearly impossible, so we’re going to start breaking camp tomorrow morning and we’ll be gone from the North East Point by tomorrow evening. The Atlantic Cove crew will be leaving the island tomorrow, with the exception of one or two guys who will supervise the loading of the boat on Monday (subject to change, the boat may come tomorrow instead).

THIS WILL BE OUR LAST FULL OPERATING DAY. I’m going to try to get logs from Atlantic today and do a log dump, and then I’ll do the last ClubLog dump once we’re all on the mainland and I’ve got the last logs, then it’s all going to Murray, WA4DAN for processing.

I’ll post one final update once I’m on the mainland. 73 for now de VA3QR/CY9.

Addendum – 27 Aug 2016 1948z: Logs ending approx. 27 Aug 1208z uploaded to ClubLog for processing. VA3QR/CY9

14 thoughts on “CY9C – Day 9, Leaving Early :(

  1. Gwyn Slough

    VA3QR Phil,

    Just want to take a minute to thank you for your blog entries. Being an XYL of an operator on Altantic Cove, I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to keep us informed on what was happening on the DXPedition. Your entries have been a blessing to me.

    Gwyn (XYL of K4ZLE)

  2. VA3QR Post author

    Glad you enjoyed the read. He’ll be home soon. 73 🙂

  3. Dan N0TK

    TKS for a great effort to put St.Paul Island on the air. Special thanks to W2RE who pulled out my SSB signal for a new one on Phone. I am a guy who often doesn’t know which end of the mike cable to talk into so that QSO is much appreciated.

  4. Dennis Motschenbacher

    Terrific DXpedition, Guys. That place can be a beast due to the weather extremes and you Cowboy’d up to the challenge. Thanks! de Dennis K7BV (CY9AA from the late 80’s)

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  6. Sid K5XI

    I think you may have over-written or deleted most of your log on your last ClubLog dump. QSOs after August 21 1900 UT are gone now. They were there before.

  7. Sid K5XI

    Sorry! ClubLog is okay now. Thanks for all of the QSOs! It was fun working you.

  8. VA3QR Post author

    It’s processing the 24.5MB ADIF upload I just gave it 😉

  9. W1WBB

    Thnx for the 160m CW QSO (& new DXCC on Topband) on the final eve of the DXped. Appreciate you sticking with me for my prefix correction and making 160m available for many! Well done to both teams — safe travels on return. 73/DX, Bill W1WBB

  10. San K5YY

    Have safe trips home after a rest in on mainland. WX can never be predicted but that is part of DXpeditions. Glad no major illness or injuries and that all had a lot of fun! Lot of needed QSOs passed out, especially on RTTY and on the 60m channelized band. hi
    73, San K5YY

  11. Jhon

    Felicitari baeti ati dat dovada de perseverenta va doresc multa sanatate cu bine 73

  12. iSMAEL

    Thank you for your efforts, and despite the bad weather you did good work. My greetings to Wayne K8LEE and the entire team. XE1AY

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