CY9C – Day 8 Update

by | 2016-08-26

Keeping the Radio DryWell the winds came back and paid us a visit – starting last night (local time), they were kicking up to about 80km/h. Thankfully, we’ve sustained no damage. The tents are okay and the antennas are still standing. Then the rain started around 9AM this morning, local time (1200z) so we’ve been trying to keep the equipment dry 🙂

Band conditions haven’t been so great either. Will, AA4NC woke up at 0915z today to work RTTY on 30m and got no takers, so he moved to CW. He did a pretty good run. Ray, W2RE did a couple of runs on 17m and 20m, but overall, the band conditions aren’t as good as they’ve been. We’re expecting things to open up around 7PM local (2200z) and will have all 4 stations going. We’re getting down to our last couple of operating days and want to get as many QSOs as possible.

Pat made it back from the mainland this morning, just before a fog system moved over us, so we haven’t been able to get logs from Atlantic Cove. Hopefully we’ll find a window this evening, but if not, we’ll push new logs out tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be sunny, clear and calm.

Stay tuned for more! vy 7e de VA3QR/CY9.

8 thoughts on “CY9C – Day 8 Update

  1. Kei

    Hi Phill

    Thanks for all of your efforts. Unfortunately the band condition is very poor between CY9 and Asia. I do hope you will beam to Asia on 30, 20 and 17m band and pick us up more.

    Thanks again Phill and enjoy the pile up.

    Kei, JH1ILX

  2. VE2EVN

    Hi Phil,

    I guess you guys don’t have a pilot for this expedition, so I’ll use this space to pass along this notice to you. Please pass it along to the Atlantic Cove OPs as well:

    Italian Radio Amateurs are conducting emergency traffic on the Amateur Radio Bands.
    Please keep the following frequencies clear for Emergency traffic:
    7060 plus/minus 10 kc.
    7045 – 6990.
    Network of Prefectures:
    7045, 3643
    PSK 31
    6990, 3580.

    CY9C was operating RTTY at 7042 today, which is almost on top of the 7045 QRG with the 1-3 UP.

    73 de VE2EVN

  3. Don Jordan

    I know bands are not good but wkd on 20m and 17m but was not logged. for 17m 18150 22/8/16 @1936z. I was on the team in 1995 CY9SS. GL To Your Team. 73 Don VE7DJ

  4. John VE8EV

    Geomagnetic conditions look good tonight for 80m, I’ll be looking for CY9C during our relatively short mutual darkness window between 0500 and 0900z

    John VE8EV

  5. PY1FC - DUCA

    Good morning Phil:

    Thanks for the information CY9C

    Big hug friend.

    PY1FC – DUCA

  6. Mike

    Hi Phil
    Clublog shows real picture that you have too few Qs with our Zone (17).
    Yes, condx is not the best now, but if guys will ask sometimes for “AS only” much more stns here will tell you some good more good words then 🙂
    Specially looking for you on 30 & 40m CW.
    Hope to get the answer from CY9C at last (overcomed EU wall 🙂 )
    Have a fun and safe trip home!
    73 – Mike R9AB

  7. Bob

    Thank you for getting on 160m later last night and at your sunrise. I missed your sunrise CQ by 45 minutes (zzzzz). The evening activity was on SSB, which was impossible to copy through the T-storm QRN out here in the west. We will keep listening for CW tonight, just in case. Go get those ATNOs – they are more important.

    73 and safe trip home
    Bob N6RW

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