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Emergency and Disaster Communications

CAF/CFARS: Exercise Noble Skywave 2015

For the past couple of years, the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics has hosted an international HF communications exercise that includes the “Five Eyes” nations of Canada, the US, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. One of the best parts about being a member of CFARS is that I get to participate. At 4AM… Read more »

High-Speed Networking in Amateur Radio

There are many, many digital communication modes used within Amateur Radio. One of the most popular modes back in the 1990’s was Packet Radio. 1200bps (or 9600bps if you could afford the gear) links to VHF/UHF BBS’ and gateways, 300bps HF links between stations, the odd satellite or space station link – wow it was… Read more »

Are Amateur Radio-Based Emergency Communications Still Relevant?

There are many long-standing arguments within the Amateur Radio Community, and I’d have to say this one probably sits in the Top 10. It’s one of those things that every ham has a strong opinion on, from “we are the be all and end all of disaster communications planning” down to “hams who show up to… Read more »

Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System – CFARS

I have been involved in volunteer communications since I was first licensed because it allows me serve and help others by doing something I’m good at and passionate about. For many years, the Amateur Radio has played a crucial role in civil emergency and disaster communications planning and deployment. Some notable events include the 1979 Mississauga… Read more »

Nepalese Earthquake Net After Action Report

It occurs to me that I never ended up posting my AAR here. Below is a report I wrote about the Amateur Radio-based activities I was involved in relating to the Nepalese Earthquakes. — Nepalese Disaster Net April 25 – May 1, 2015 AAR (After Action Report) By Phil A. McBride, VA3QR Foreward On April 25th,… Read more »