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HF Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)

Automatic Link Establishment, or ALE for short, has become a worldwide standard for initiating HF communications between two or more points. In short, you program a radio with the channels you have access to, and that radio scans and “sounds” periodically establishing knowledge of other radios similarly scanning and sounding to create a network. At… Read more »

Are Amateur Radio-Based Emergency Communications Still Relevant?

There are many long-standing arguments within the Amateur Radio Community, and I’d have to say this one probably sits in the Top 10. It’s one of those things that every ham has a strong opinion on, from “we are the be all and end all of disaster communications planning” down to “hams who show up to… Read more »

Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System – CFARS

I have been involved in volunteer communications since I was first licensed because it allows me serve and help others by doing something I’m good at and passionate about. For many years, the Amateur Radio has played a crucial role in civil emergency and disaster communications planning and deployment. Some notable events include the 1979 Mississauga… Read more »

Nepalese Earthquake Net After Action Report

It occurs to me that I never ended up posting my AAR here. Below is a report I wrote about the Amateur Radio-based activities I was involved in relating to the Nepalese Earthquakes. — Nepalese Disaster Net April 25 – May 1, 2015 AAR (After Action Report) By Phil A. McBride, VA3QR Foreward On April 25th,… Read more »

Nepalese Disaster Communications

For those who might be interested, there is a radio “net” going on, and I’ve been involved in attempting to pass radio traffic in and out of Kathmandu, Nepal. What you’re hearing is the live audio feed from my transmitter. When the net closes, I will post my AAR (After Action Report) here, which will include… Read more »